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National Trapper's Association
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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About Florin's Trapping

Tom Florin

I started trapping when I was 12 years old. I really don't know why? No one in my family traps. But it just seemed to call to me.

Learning how to trap didn't come easily by any means. I had to work at it hard and long. I started out trapping skunks, opossums and weasels. The books of the time were okay, but don't compare to the books and DVDs of today. This doesn't mean you're going to be a pro in a short order but the knowledge that is out there will make learning a whole lot easier.

I know I've been trapping for 37 years. Trapped in five state, have trapped private land, timber company land, county land, state land and federal land. I enjoy it just as much today as I did 37 years ago, maybe even a little more.

Along the way I've invented a beaver snaring system! For snaring beaver under the ice. It's called (THE ICER SYSTEM).

We now (my wife Sandy and I) have a trappings supply business and we also buy fur. I'm a trapping education teacher too. I really enjoy teaching trapping and helping new trappers out!

I've lived my life with a few simple rules - be honest, work hard and tell it straight as it is. And I bring these rules to our store too! Plain and simple, I am not going to sell you stuff you don't need!!!

If you have any questions please feel free to email at tom@florintrapping.com. Because the knowledge that I have left in my head is Free and I'd gladly give you any help I can.

Hope you have a good day!

Tom Florin

August 1, 2010 Opening of Florin's Trapping Supplies & Fur online store
August 5-8, 2010 NTA Convention - Marshfield, WI
august 21, 2010 WTA District 10 Fall Rendezvous
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In our online store you will find almost everything a trapper needs or can use. The products we carry are all top quality items. We will be running many specials throughout the year, so check often or you might miss out on a heck of a deal.

Your order information is secure with us! All credit can information is destroyed! We also will not give out any other personal information that you give us.

Click here to visit our online store, or learn more about ordering online from FlorinsTrapping.com by visiting here.

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